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Breaking up with Meta

Hi friends,

After almost 17 years I am breaking up with Facebook, Instagram and anything to do with Meta. I am done with this company and its bull**it. While I have appreciated it's functionality and many of the ways it's helped me keep in touch with people, the stance Meta has taken against paying Canadian newsmakers for the content it produces is the last straw. I realize that the Canadian government is also responsible for some of this (it could have done a better job with Bill C-18), but I also appreciate its efforts to stand up to tech giants. In my opinion, in addition to holding our governments responsible for not standing up for US, we ALSO need to look at the greed of corporations like Meta. In our own country, Bell continues to rake in millions in profit (not to mention that one of its owners, along with Galen Weston, have the same wealth as about 11,000,000 people in Canada!—inequality is NOT just an issue in the Global South) and still choose to lay-off people who are trying to uphold the last threads that remain in the fragile fabric of our democracy. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. As long as modern day barons control the media, they will continue to persuade us that the public and its institutions are the ones to blame—and they will do it by hiring the very people to market their propaganda that used to work to relay the truth!

Anyways, as I said, at the end of this month, I am done! If you want to contact me, please use my email: or my website:*

*I do realize that I am asking you to contact me via a Google platform, but at least they are willing to engage with the government on C-18 (albeit at a lower price than asked).

"You know, democracy trickles uphill. And when local media are closed, or shuttered or stripped of assets, which has unfortunately been a model by large corporations in this country, the oversight of communities across this country is diminished, and that hurts."

- Paul MacNeill of Island Press Limited, which publishes several weekly community papers in Prince Edward Island

"Those top two, David Thomson and Galen Weston Sr., have a combined net worth of more than $33 billion dollars, a sum that is equal to the total cumulative wealth of 30% of the poorest Canadians."

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